April 15, 2018

K9 Fitness 08:00  -  09:45 K9 Fitness Outside

K9 Fitness

Fitness is critical for handler and canine alike. Join Kathleen and Sally in this open format workshop and see how you can improve the fitness of you and your canine partners.

Want to extend the working life of your canine? Want to prevent the common injuries? Want to be able to work 8 hours a day, multiple days in row and know that the search has not been affected by fatigue or muscle soreness?

Make 2018 the year you put fitness and conditioning as an equal priority to detection work.

Kathleen and Sally both work search and rescue canines in the challenging arenas of the USAR world where core stability and strength are paramount. These same dogs also work in the wilderness world, effortlessly climbing rocks, balancing across downed trees, pushing hard when the going gets tough.

We will cover basic exercise principles, good form and technique, give sample exercise routines and cover mental stimulation exercises.