April 20, 2017

Amateur Radio (HAM) Technician Class Session 2 13:00  -  18:00 Amateur Radio (HAM) Technician Class Session 2 Dining Room North

Amateur Radio (HAM) Technician Class Session 2

This ham radio class covers the Technician class license, the most basic of the three current license levels. Here’s how this will work.

* Get the printed book now. (https://www.amazon.com/ARRL-Ham-Radio-License-Manual/dp/1625950136)
* Study the book between now and the first class session. Take several free sample tests online (http://www.eham.net/exams). It does not matter how badly you do on the sample tests! Just take some sample tests to get the feel for them. Those questions are taken from the actual test question pool.
* Bring your questions to the class sessions and be ready to learn.

The class sessions will cover the more in-depth concepts such as frequency/wavelength, antennas, radio operation, ohm’s law, and anything else there are questions about. We will NOT be going over the book page by page — that’s your job! We will be “teaching to the test” and will not delve deeply into theory, etc. The objective is for you to get your license and start using ham radio.

There will be a test session on Friday afternoon. You will have to study ahead of time and be alert during the class to pass your test, so cram beforehand and be ready to learn! Yes, it’s new stuff to learn, but you can do it — thousands of people get their licenses every year.

If you have questions about the material, you are welcome to contact our teacher, Hank Wallace, at 540-591-5968.